Many thanks to the generous supporters of Musicfest. A very special thank you to the Anonymous Donor who has supported Guelph Musicfest since the pandemic seasons of 2021 and 2022. Gratitude to the Neighbourhood Group of Restaurants for its sponsorship over the years, and we’re sad to see them go this year. And thanks to the many individuals who believe in helping the series continue have included a donation when purchasing tickets.

Major support given by an Anonymous Donor

Susan Anthony
Norbert & Rosalinde Baumgartner
Heather Beecroft
Maida de Stein
Jill Dick
Ken & Christa Dorter
Grace & Mark Evans
Melissa Farquhar
Grace Fioravanti
Oleg & Letitia Golubitsky
Sally Gross
Derek Hall
Stella Pasion & Richard Helyar
Jean Higgins
Melanie Hines
Steve Izma
Geneviève Labbe
Harold Lane
Alexander & Anne Middleton
Liana Nolan
Robin & Maureen Ollerhead
Mark McDowell & Tannis Sprott
Elisabeth Nicol
Marion Steele
Patricia Swidinsky
Anthony Yu
Russell Wardell
Dennis & Dorothy Ware
Peter & Hania White
Ken & Mary Woodside

All the Guelph Musicfest Subscribers & Supporters

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Guelph Musicfest 2024 is grateful for the continuing generous support of an
Anonymous Donor
as well as the contributions of many individual supporters

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