Guelph Musicfest 2023

Season 17— May 26 to June 23, 2023

from the director

It has been a challenging and stressful time for the performing arts everywhere. But as we enter the warm time of year, there are reasons for cautious optimism as vaccination begins to lead our lives back to normalcy, and in-person concerts make a careful return.

That’s what I wrote last year, but it now does seem time to be hopeful for a good spring season. And with Spring 2022, Guelph Musicfest returns to its regular season, starting with the international star pianist Janina Fialkowska. I have long tried to get Janina to appear at Guelph Musicfest. Although she is a Canadian, she has lived in Germany for many years and only comes to Canada on occasion and never at the right time for my festival, until this year—this will be an opening concert you will not want to miss!

Streaming of the concerts has been a big success. Last year, with people watching online from all around the world, Guelph Musicfest had a total audience of over 1,000 people. In 2019, I introduced Digital Musicfest with HD video replays after the live performance. And last year, I added Live Streaming. For 2022, I’ve introduced THREE different ways to enjoy the festival, from sitting in the Recital Hall with your friends and family to watching the Live Stream for FREE.

Even with seating limitations, a generous anonymous donor made an expanded 5-concert season possible in 2021. We don’t know if seat restrictions will be in play by May (I’m guessing not), but the same donor has come through again this year. I’m most grateful to have the opportunity to bring you another expanded series. I’ve also bought new sound equipment to improve the streamed experience with ENHANCED AUDIO.

As for a theme? Let’s consider this a FRESH START. By coming to Guelph Musicfest, either in person or online, I hope you are inspired and will renew your spirits after a tough couple of years.

Thanks for supporting Guelph Musicfest and my efforts to keep the music alive!

Ken Gee founder/director
…the music poured through us like balm. The subsequent concerts lived up to the excitement of that first note and we found ourselves looking forward to each Friday night. The hall was perfect. We all know that lots of work goes on in the background but believe me when I say that we are all in your debt for the programming of performers and repertoire. Thanks to all of your volunteers and for giving us this gift of hope in the midst of a chaotic world.
Sheri Cabena
…I was tremendously impressed. I am most grateful for all that you are doing to expand the appreciation of the arts in our city. I had purchased the CD’s that you kindly made available for the concerts and am so pleased with them. Truly, music of this caliber lifts the soul to great heights! I feel blessed.
Susan Bentley

Guelph Musicfest 2022 is grateful for the continuing generous support of an Anonymous Donor
Guelph Musicfest is generously supported by the Neighbourhood Group

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